Salman Khan, who has ruled Bollywood for very many years now, has more often than not, been in the news for the wrong reasons. And here is one of them.

Salman, who is known to have a big heart BUT a terrible temper, apparently flew into a fit of rage and slapped his bodyguard.


Now, for the reason behind this thoughless act, there are a couple of theories doing the rounds. As per some sources, Salman’s bodyguard was shoving away media persons as Salman was walking his friends Preity and Sussanne to their cars. This angered Salman as he did not wish to get into a row with the media. A mad Salman went ahead and slapped the bodyguard. As per some other sources, Salman got bugged as his bodyguard was walking too close to him and also nudged him a few times accidentally.

Well, what do you think of that? Whatever the reason, we’re sure the Bhaijaan of Bollywood repented for the thoughtless act.