Arjun Kapoor has surely come a long way in his Bollywood journey as the actor completes five years in the industry.

His last release Mubarakan was a hit amongst the audience.
But Arjun has had his fair shares of failures too. When he was asked by a leading daily whether a box-office miss for his movie makes him choose a tried and tested concept for his next, the actor replied, “I feel that your failures teach you more than your successes. In a profession like ours, how you survive failure defines you. You can’t let your convictions waver. Regardless of how much money films make, how you select material can’t change just because you have seen success or failure.”
Arjun added, “You still have to follow your instincts. If I get excited while reading something, then I don’t look at how safe or unsafe it is. I have not let success or failure change the way I agree to do films. And I don’t think you should let that happen because filmmaking is like gambling. There are a lot of external factors, so, you can’t always control fate.”
On if he is in a good space in his professional life right now, Arjun revealed, “When I started off, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t put my best foot forward during my initial interviews. Back then I was figuring myself out. It was a rebirth of sorts for me, and I had to sort myself out. It was the worst phase of my life. I had to reassess and learn how to put myself across. I think I was always a sorted kid. I am the same person now, too, but I am able to articulate better. I’m more relaxed and calm.”